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By Roger Young (Jan2023)

By 2007, Marcos were still not building and selling cars in the sort of volume to keep the company viable. The 2007 Marcos TSO GTC coupe was powered by a slightly larger 6.0 litre aluminium V8 again from the Corvette. It was available as either 420 horsepower unit in standard form, or with 462 horsepower when the optional performance pack was fitted. The TSO GTC could reach 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. Just 0.1s slower but the estimated top speed was now a mind blowing 185+ mph. The + is the important bit!

The gearbox was a Tremec T56, as fitted to the Corvette, Viper and Aston. Brakes were AP racing, 4 pot on the front with vented cross drilled and grooved discs, to the rear were fitted 2 pot ventilated discs.

By using a lightweight foam-core GRP composite body, and a spaceframe chassis manufactured by race specialists Prodrive, the Marcos TSO GTC offered superb intuitive handling. Over 150 upgrades and changes were made to the GTC based on customer feedback and test results from the previous TSO coupe, the TSO GT2.

This resulted in a slightly roomier interior with better visibility, a stiffer and lighter body, and a specially engineered exhaust note with an engine management system specifically designed for the car.

"The TSO's [GTC] combination of tuned V8 power and lightweight design delivered both stunning performance and breathtaking sound in a reliable, precision engineered and affordable British Supercar," said Tony Stelliga, Marcos Engineering's Managing Director.

Only 50 - 100 TSO GTC's were to be produced annually at Marcos Engineering's facility in the UK. Sadly this was not to be as Marcos went into receivership in 2007 and less than a dozen cars in total were actualy built.

Year 2007
Engine 6.0 litre V8
Transmission 6-speed manual
Max speed 185+ mph
0-60 mph 4.1 seconds
Horsepower 420 hp (462 hp Performance pack)
weight 1125 kgs, 2500 lbs.

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