Established 1972


Benefits of Associate Membership are a time limited membership that affords the associate member:

     Time limited access to some services supplied by the Marcos Owners Club

     Time limited access to some events attended or organised by the Marcos Owners Club, but not icluding

     driving events.

     Time limited access to designated Marcos Owners Club events.

     Electronic newsletter - email address required.

Associate Membership does NOT provide the associate member with;

     The published magazine Torque, or other Marcos Owners Club publications

     The rights to organise events on behalf of the Marcos Owners Club

     The rights to represent the Marcos Owners Club in any way

The Marcos Owners Club have the right to, and will, designate the time period of any Associate Membership.

Associate Member - Marcos Owners Club

Despite repeated reminders, some members are still paying the old membership fee by standing order. If this is you then your membership status is currently Associate Member.

Please contact the Membership Secretary to update your membership details.