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Jem Marsh - Making my Marque.

This book, with over 300 photographs, most of them previously unseen, provides a colourful journey through adversity, excitement and ingenuity in a business world normally dominated by large corporations.

It is the story of a unique car and the personalities who created it. Chief amongst these is Jem Marsh, whose skill, vision and determination - not to mention a fair amount of sheer bloody-mindedness - produced a series of elegant, innovative and distinctive sportscars that turned heads around the world.

Jem takes us from his early Austin 7 Specials right through to international racing success at Le Mans. This is a very personal and candid tour, in Jem's own words, of a lifetime spent creating stunning cars that always stood out from the crowd.

It is a tale of how a marque was born, manufactured, owned and raced over 50 years and when the chips were down, how it was kept alive by the determination of one man's instinct to survive.

These were to be fitted to all Marcos Coupes designed by Dennis Adams, but were then only fitted to the original Marcos 1800 Coupe, between the rear screen and boot. The Adams badge was also designed by Dennis Adams, and the reason so few Marcos cars did not have them fitted, was simply that Marcos ran out of them and Jem wouldn't order additional ones . These badges are extremely hard to come by but the MOC has secured a very limited number.

The badges are enamelled, polished chrome as per the originals. They will be supplied in pairs on a strictly first come basis.

Adhesive backed so no drilling required, and can of course be fitted anywhere on the car.

Adams Badge -  Available for Club Members

Only £25 per pair +p&p

Marcos Enamel Bonnet Badge

New - original design Marcos Enamel Bonnet Badges, bolt or 3M secured.

Special Price for MOC members only £55 + p&p

Sold elsewhere at £72 + p&p

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Limited Edition 50 Models Only

50th Anniversary Mini Marcos Model