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Metal/Enamel Bonnet Badge

New - original design Marcos Enamel Bonnet Badges, Sngle bolt fixing

Special Price for MOC members only £76 inc p&p*

* The Marcos Owners Club is the only body licenced to manufacture and sell these badges or any item with the Marcos badge featured on it. The Marcos logo is a registered Trademark.

Marcos Bonnet Badge -  Available for Club Members Only £76 inc (*Normally £90.00)


These were to be fitted to all Marcos Coupes designed by Dennis Adams, but were then only fitted to the original Marcos 1800 Coupe, between the rear screen and boot. The Adams badge was also designed by Dennis Adams, and the reason so few Marcos cars did not have them fitted, was simply that Marcos ran out of them and Jem wouldn't order additional ones .

These badges were extremely hard to come by but the MOC has secured a very limited number, and thnaks got to Dennis Adams for allowing us to get them remanufactured.

The badges are enamelled, polished chrome as per the originals. They are supplied in pairs.

For convenience of fitting, thay are adhesive backed so no drilling required, and can of course be fitted anywhere on the car, see below.

Adams Badge -  Available for Club Members

Only £25 per pair +p&p