Established 1972

MOC 1972-2022

To celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Marcos Owners Club in 2022, we are putting together a special photo album of Marcos Cars and  Models.

This taking longer than we anticipated but numbers are slowly going up. The publication is likely to be postponed bbecause of this.

It is hoped that the book will be FREE to all members of the Marcos Owners Club and conditions will apply.


Non members will be able to purchase copies but numbers will be limited.

This will be a definitive visual archive of Marcos Cars and will be a unique Marcos enthusiasts publication.

The book will be split into three main sections and you can submit pictures through the links below.

Section 1

Your Current Car.


We will require a high quality digital picture of your current pride and joy, that's your Marcos by the way!

The picture needs to be a high resolution, landscape, colour image. 

If you are lucky enough to have more than one Marcos, time to choose which it will be!

We would also like a good quality headshot of you.

There are also a few details we’ll need, but you can check those out on the submission form. Click the button, right


Main Car Picture

Section 2

Other Marcos Cars.

(Not Restoration Projects)

Again we will require a high quality digital picture of EACH of your other cars.

Additional information, just fill in the form.


Your Other Marcos Picture

Section 3

Restoration Jobs - Marcos Projects.

These are your ongoing ‘projects’ if you have any. Again we will require a high quality digital picture of EACH car.

Additional information, just fill in the form.


Pictures of Your Marcos Projects

A few other things to note:

We will not be able to include images deemed to be poor quality, however we will contact you for a better quality image.

You need to complete all requested information, otherwise we might not include your images.

The image you send needs to be copyright free and by submitting the image you are confirming this.

All images and information must be submitted by the 30th November 2022 . The forms will be closed after this.

You need to currently own the Marcos you submit the picture of for inclusion.


     You need to be a full member of the Marcos Owners Club on the 23rd December 2022 to receive a FREE copy of the album.

     A carriage charge is likely to be required , the Album COULD/SHOULD be free... (Looking for a sponsor, hint hint...)