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Marcos Owners Club now has official permission to use the Marcos Logo

Tuesday, 12 October 2021 11:42

The Marcos Owners Club is now officially able to use the Marcos Logo again. 

That’s right, that iconic badge that resides on the front of most Marcos Cars can now appear on club regalia and publications after the MOC was granted permission to use it.

Tony Brown of Marcos Cars Limited and Marcos Engineering Limited, along with Roger Young, who has been advising Tony for the past few years, began, what turned out to be at times a traumatic and eye opening journey, in 2019.,

Whilat not quite a story of mistruths, back stabbing, murder, espionage, secrecy and blackmail, spanning continents and countries, it would certainly make an interesting story that has not quite reached the final chapter, and is certianly an eyeopener on a number of fronts.